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Indane Gas Booking Online – Book Your Cylinder Through Mobile

Indane Gas Booking Online: Our country has made progress in this last decade, greatly. Everything from the infrastructure to the lifestyles of the citizens has changed and evolved at a very quick pace. The development has not only been in the urban areas of the country but also the rural areas. Every person seems to carry a mobile phone with them and getting on with the current times.

     Our kitchens have too seen the difference, our stoves are no longer the same, and instead the LPG Cylinder stoves have replaced the old ones which were fueled by kerosene, coal or wood. This is definitely one step towards the creation of a safe environment. The fumes from the fire that the stoves fueled by kerosene and coal have a damaging effect on our environment but the LPG stoves are a safe bet in this matter. Those old stoves just did not damage the environment but also the health of the person cooking or near the stoves. The gas stoves are easier to use, consume less time and also are safe. Here, we would like to inform about the Process of Indane Gas Online Booking and you need to follow the below steps.

Indane Gas Booking Online Refill

The government has tried best to bring awareness amongst the masses and a change has been observed for the LPG stove are used in both Urban and rural areas, widely. The Indian Oil Corporation Limited is one of the biggest companies specializing in the fuel and petrochemical products. Indane LPG is a part of the Indian Oil Corporation Limited.

Indane Gas Booking Online

Registering for Indane Gas Booking Through Mobile Phones

Indane LPG Gas system is one of the best companies that provide safe and efficient fueling solutions. The indane Gas Booking Online can now be done through mobile phones.

For registering to make bookings through phone calls,

Dial the IVRS no. of the specific area and provide in with distributor, consumer no., Adhar card no., and mobile number. This mobile number will be the registered mobile number.

For registering to make booking through SMS,

SMS “IOC distributor’s number” to the IVRS no. of the specified area.

Indane Gas Booking Online Registration Procedure through Mobile Phones

It can be done through for phone call, mobile application or SMS services.

For booking through a phone call, dial the IVRS no. of the area one is situated in by the registered mobile number and the caller is directed by the automated gas booking system and payment can be done to the person who delivers your gas cylinder.

When booking with the Indane mobile application which is available for Android and iOS devices,

  1. Launch the application. or Visit the
  2. Login the account.
  3. Tap on “Book Cylinder”.
  4. Tap on “Order Now” to request a cylinder refill.

Bookings by the application allow the consumer to pay directly online.

To request a refill through SMS services, SMS “IOC” to the concerned area number by the registered mobile number and then payment can be made to the deliverer of the gas cylinder.

Indane Gas Online Booking Registration – New Connection

The status of the Indan Gas Online Booking can be checked via phone call, mobile application or by logging into the Indane online account. For checking the status of the gas booking via phone call, dial the IVRS no. of the specific area and request for status on the automated system.

A gas complaint can also be lodged through the use of the mobile phone. Via a phone call, dial the IVRS no. of the designated area and the automated booking system will walk the caller through. The caller can decide to directly place a complaint with the IVRS system and talk to a representative. Via the mobile application also a complaint can be lodged in.

Book Your Cylinder Indane Online Gas

The Indian Oil Corporation Limited allows the consumers to book gas cylinders through their website too.

For registering online on the website,

  1. Visit the Indian Oil Corporation Limited official website.
  3. Click on “Register Now”.
  4. Fill in the details including state, district, distributor, consumer no., or 17 digit LPG ID, username, e-mail, landline and mobile, passport number, PAN number, ration card no., driving license no., Adhar card no.
  5. Click on “Submit”.

To make a request for refill through the website,

  1. Log into the account on the Indian Oil Corporation’s website by filling in the “Username” and “Password” in the “consumer login” section
  2. Click on “request for a refill”.

To get Indane Gas new connection Manually:

>Please visit your nearest Indane gas distributor in your location.

>Carry your identity proof and your home address.

>Take your new connection registered with the distributor.

>After that provide waiting checklist number.

>Customers have to send an Intimation letter.

For Indane Gas connection required documents are mentioned above. Only one can book gas online or manually also via Indane Gas Booking.

Indane IVRS system is easy to use and it makes the process quicker. The requests are processed directly without any third party interference, keeping automatic track and detail of the LPG consumption of each family. 

HP Gas New Connection and Documents Required, Cylinder Price

HP Gas New Connection and Documents Required, Cylinder Price: From earlier, we are posting all details related to how to book a Cylinder refill, register for double cylinder and how to log in, register for online hp gas agency of your location and many more other places. And today, am came up with a new topic i.e., How To Book For a New HP Connection and Required documents for new gas connection. Please read the article thoroughly to get each and every information about HP Gas New Connection. Since it one time process and if you did any mistakes during this step you need to proceed again from the first step. HP Gas is one of the best and most easily accessible services among all other Gases.

HP Gas New Connection and Documents Required

Here is the Official Web Portal of the HP Gas Agency i.e., and you need to position your local agency via the Official web link i.e., Online New Gas Connection HP is one of the easiest processes, and that makes your life easy. Just follow the below procedure to get a New HP Gas Connection. Here we are also mentioning step by step process related to Offline New HP Gas Connection process.

HP Gas New Connection

Price For New HP Gas Connection:

Make a look at the below steps and you will get all information you needed about HP Gas. The prominence gives you the best idea on whether you go for that gas agency or not. Then you can visit the office once and check out how the environment and the staff. This is just because to know whether they have the capacity of serving the customers in time and quality service or not. Else there will be problems like leakages in the cylinder, delay in getting the ordered cylinders, delay or no deposit of subsidy amount to our connected bank account, etc. So once you fix for the agency then apply for a gas connection.

Required Documents For New HP Gas Connection:

You need to follow some of the easy steps to book for a New HP Gas Connection, you are facilitated with the additional chance of booking for two cylinders in a single chance. Just visit the nearby Gas Agency to check and know about probabilities and the cost per extra cylinder details. To give  HP Gas New Connection, you need to furnish some of the significant details. are the Official websites from where you can apply for the New HP Gas Connection.

Read the below steps, before applying for the New HP Gas Connection:

  1. At first, you need to Download the Registration form from the Official website of the HP Gas from the below link.
  2. Download the form and take a printed version of it.
  3. Then you need to furnish some of the essential data such as address, name, family size, location, the number of cylinders and the equipment you need from the agency like a gas stove, litter, pipe and much more other essential things you needed.
  4. Then visit your nearby Gas agency or office with the above listed mandatory documents.

Mandatory Documents For New HP Gas Connection:

  1. You need to produce Valid or legal Photo ID Proof to apply for the HP Gas Connection. Current bill for last 3 months Or LIC policy copy or employers certificate, Voter id card, Register copy of your house or driving license, bank pass book etc.
  2. Proof of Residence and valid Aadhar card copy.
  3. Ration card, PAN Card.
  4. Passport size photographs.
  5. Central/State Government Issued ID cards
  6. Bank passbook with affixed photographs.
  7. Affidavits of any other gas connections issued to you before or not.

New Gas Connection HP and Cylinder Price:

You need to produce the following amount of fee for the deposit and for the cost of the kit.

Refundable Deposit for Two HP Cylinders which cost you around Rs. 1450/ – each = Rs. 2,900/-

Regulator Price – (Refundable Deposit for One HP Regulator) @ Rs. 150/- = Rs. 150/-

*(For North Eastern States the charges vary a bit. Refundable Deposit for each HP cylinder is Rs.1150/-.)

The Cost of Two Refills – This depends on your gas agency area and the basic cost in that area.

Steps To Apply For HP Gas New Connection Online:

You are requested to follow the below steps to apply for New HP Gas LPG Connection:

  1. Ay first, you need to visit the Official website of the HP LPG Gas.
  2. The homepage of HP Gas will be tendered before you.
  3. Hit the link which is useful to apply for HP Gas Connection.
  4. Hit the link.
  5. Then you need to furnish some of the essential details such as login email id, password etc.
  6. You should provide an active email ID and you must use your Email ID regularly.
  7. Your password should be easy to use and it stays in between 8 to 12 characters. It must contain 1 alphabet and 1 numeric and don not enter any special character.
  8. You need to enter a valid personal phone number, land line and email id (alternative) to apply for the New HP Gas connection.
  9. Recheck the entered data and then hit the submit link.
  10. Then you receive a reference number for future usage to track your online application status and to cross check your details of your application etc.

Bharat Gas Booking Online – Refill Order

Bharat Gas Booking Online: In this modernistic times, each and every problem has a quick solution. The customers of Bharat Gas those who face any difficulties in Bharat Gas Booking are now able to complete their Bharat Gas Cylinder refilling online from the Official web portal of the Bharat Gas By this simple process, you can save your time. Nowadays our Government has implemented a new rule to distribute Rs. 5 to all the customers those who use Online service to book their Bharat Gas. For this reason, all the Bharat Gas Customers are suggested to use Online service.

Bharat Gas Booking Online

Apart from the Online Service, you can also use other Offline Bharat Gas Booking via phone/SMS or by visiting your nearest Bharat gas LPG agency.

Am here posting this article to provide you step by step related to Online Bharat Gas Booking and if you have any doubts or queries about Online Bharat Gas Booking procedure, then please ping a comment below. We are here to make clear all your valuable doubts.

Pursue this steps to Bharat Gas Booking Cylinder via online:

  1. To book your Bharat Gas Online at first, you need to visit the Official web portal of the Bharat Gas or Hit Here.
  2. The Homepage of Bharat Gas will e displayed on your screen.
  3. Now search for the link packed up with Book Your Cylinder.
  4. Then you need to enter your User ID and Password to login to your Bharat Gas Account.
  5. After the completion of the Login process then hit the Book Bharat Gas Cylinder link.
  6. Ok, your Bharat Gas Booking process in finished.
  7. You can also pay via online for your Booked LPG Cylinder.

Bharat Gas Booking Online

Important Note: By Booking Bharat Gas LPG Cylinder through Online, then your online cylinder booked will be delivered to your doorstep in some days after booking. You will not get the LPG gas cylinder on the same day. After 21 days of Bharat Gas Booking Online, you can book a new cylinder. The period of 21 days is same and applicable for both offline or online booking. After the delivery of the gas cylinder within some days, you will get the subsidy of the LPG cylinder in your bank account link to your LPG gas connection. 

Advantages of Bharat Gas Booking Online | Online Refill Booking:

  • Online Bharat Gas Booking is surely one of the time-saving processes as all work is done from home and you need not stand in queue for a long time or visit the nearby Gas agency.
  • By Booking Bharat Gas No LPG Refill you will be facilitated with the discount of Rs.5 per booking.
  • Online Gas Booking is assuredly secured process.
  • Bharat Gas Booking is one of the easiest tasks, and it is very simple, and fast you can book your cylinder in less than 2 minutes.
  • You can also pay for your LPG Cylinder with the aid of your debit card or net banking without any issue of cash and change.

Steps To Book Bharat Gas Cylinder Offline/Online:

The foremost and the most uncomplicated way of Bharat Gas Booking is through Online, and you can also book for your LPG Gas Cylinder via Offline, but this is some of the time taking process:

Bharat Gas Booking – Offline Methods:

By Stroking Gas Agency/Customer Care:

Along with the Online Booking process, you can also simply book your Bharat gas refill directly by contacting to your Gas Agency. After the completion of the Booking process, you will be delivered your LPG Refill with five days.

Offline Booking Via SMS:

You can also book for your Bharat Gas via SMS:

To book through SMS Send “LPG” to 52725 if you are MTNL, Vodafone, airtel, Tata Indicom Customers.
Another mobile service user can send “LPG” to 5733.

Important Point: The Bharat Gas Booking no may be changed due to some reasons, and at that, please visit the Official website of the Bharat Gas.

Visit Your Nearest Bharat Gas Agency:

Last and the most significant method to book your Bharat Gas is by visiting your nearest Bharat Gas Agency and make a registration for your cylinder booking.

Booking Of Bharat Gas Via IVRS:

Another easy method to book for your Bharat Gas is through IVRS. The expanded form of IVRS is the interactive voice response system.

IVRS provides 24*7 Service throughout the year and you can book for your Bharat gas cylinder offline through mobile.

This is exactly one of the easy and convenient ways to book a Bharat Gas refill. As soon as you book the cylinder you will get a booking number on your mobile through SMS.

Requirements to Use IVRS:

  • You should register your Mobile number at the local LPG distributor agency.
  • In order to register your Mobile number, you need to fill up and submit a registration form to the distributor. Fill the form carefully and then submit it to the distributor.
  • After finishing the registration process, you will get a confirmation call or SMS.
  • After registration and confirmation, you just have to call the IVRS number of your state/city and follow the instructions to book the Bharat Gas refill.
  • You will get order confirmation on your registered mobile number through SMS.

Click Here for Bharat Gas Booking Online