Online LPG Gas Booking Cylinder Process

LPG Gas Booking: Well, all the mothers in India should be more familiar with this. Yes, the topic which is being discussed is about LPG. LPG is basically Liquid Petroleum Gas. LPG is also known AutoGas. It is actually produced as a byproduct of natural gas and petroleum refining. LPG cylinders are widely used in the Indian households mostly for cooking. The LPG is also used in vehicles and heating appliances. LPG is better than any other gas. It usually comes in the form of cylinders and some of the famous companies distributing are Indane, Bharat Gas, HP and much more.

Online LPG Gas Booking Cylinder Process & How to Refill Cylinders:

Since everyone uses them at home, it is mandatory to know how to refill cylinders if they run out. Basically, there are different methods of refilling LPG Gas Cylinders which are used at home. Cylinders can be booked manually by directly going to the distributor office and booking. And refilling the cylinders is quite an easy task. But booking of cylinders can be quite tricky if the person is busy and doesn’t have time for the household works.

So, the distributors who do not want to lose their clients have provided an extra facility for those people who are really very busy and who do not have time to go the office and book their cylinder’s every time they need.

How to book Cylinders Online?

There are actually different manufacturers who offer different methods of booking their manufactured cylinders. The Hindustan Petroleum provides a toll-free number (in the case of Rajasthan, the toll-free number is: 7891023456) for its customers so that they can call anytime and book and refill their LPG cylinders. HP gas also provides online booking, SMS booking, through IVRS, and it also has a mobile app for Android, iPhones, Windows phones. IVRS or the Interactive Voice Response is basically where the manufacturers provide you with a toll-free number and they provide an automated telephony system where you get an automated machine talking and it gathers information and this case gathers information about booking a cylinder and it seals the deal.

Then there is Indane which provides the online booking system for their customers so that they can buy new cylinders or just refill their previous old cylinders. Their website for booking new cylinders or refilling the old ones is ( also provides booking through SMS, through IVRS and through a mobile app which is compatible with Android and iPhones. Here, the company basically provides the customer with a user id and password where the customer needs to enter when they have to log in to account. Then, after logging into their account, they can book or refill the new cylinder by providing necessary details like their application number and all. Once, the customer order has been placed, the company gives the stipulated time of which the customer can expect delivery of their booked cylinders. The online system is very easy and convenient for people as nowadays everything has become online due to the advancement of technology.

Some Safety Tips:

  • Always make sure you use BIS –approved appliances from reliable sources.
  • If you are not sure how to fit the cylinder to your gas stove or for whichever appliance you are using, ask the delivery person to do it for you for safety purposes.
  • Also, check whether the cylinder which you are receiving is delivered intact.
  • Empty cylinders must be stored in a cool and a well-ventilated place.
  • Do not keep the cylinder in a cabinet or in a pit below the floor level
  • Always make sure the cylinder is away from any other heat sources so as to prevent any major or minor explosions

Since there are new methods in the market, the manufacturing companies or the distributors are trying to provide an option of booking cylinders online so that it would be more convenient for busy and working people. The manufacturers have also launched another method of booking the cylinders. It is by SMS mode. It was basically introduced for those people who do not have any mobile data or internet connection at that moment. However, the online way of booking is very easy and very efficient for the people who are busy with their day to day life.

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